Misfit Shine Vs Fitbit Flex 2016 – 2017

Misfit Shine Fitbit Flex

Wearable fitness trackers are the “in” thing right now. The people who aren’t into fitness have got one to motivate them to get into shape or just as a fashion statement. The people who are into fitness have got some of the more advanced models. The Misfit Shine & The …

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Fitbit One Vs Flex 2016 – 2017 UK

fitbit one review

Two great products from Fitbit, are the Fitbit One and the Fitbit Flex. We will be taking a close look and comparing the two of them. It seems everyone is into keeping fit and getting into shape, now more than ever! With the technology constantly advancing and bringing new and …

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Breville Blend-Active Vs Nutribullet 2016 – 2017 UK

Breville Blend-Active Vs Nutribullet 2015

Comparison Of The Breville Blend-Active & The Nutribullet As you can see, they are both great blenders in their own right. So which one is truly better? The answer to this question is what are YOUR needs?   The NutriBullet. The NutriBullet is a well known and a very popular mini blender! …

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Best Cross Trainer For Home Use In 2016 – 2017 UK

life fitness x1 review

A home cross trainer will inevitably be different to gym cross trainers. The machines at the gym, whether it be cross trainers, rowing machines, exercise bikes or treadmills have to be very durable for the constant wear they are put through. You get people from all different classes of weights …

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The Fitbit Charge Vs The Jawbone Up24 2016 – 2017 UK

Jawbone Vs Fitbit

Fitbit Charge Vs Jawbone UP24 – Comparing Two Of The Greatest! With The Flex was (and still is) a popular activity tracker which also looks very cool and is quite accurate, Fitbit have gone one better and released the Charge. The Charge is a very well made activity tracker. Having …

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