Top Five Best Fitness Trackers Currently Available In The UK.

ProductNameFeaturesPrice PointRatingVisit

Fitbit FlexDaily Calorie Burn, SleepAffordable Learn More Here!

Fitbit Charge HRDaily Calorie Burn, Sleep, Caller ID, HeartRateMid-Range Learn More Here!

Fitbit ChargeDaily Calorie Burn, Sleep, Caller IDAffordable Learn More Here!

Garmin VivofitDaily Calorie Burn, SleepAffordable Learn More Here!

Fitbit SurgeDaily Calorie Burn, Sleep, Caller ID, HeartRate, Music, GPSHigh-End Learn More Here!

Fitness trackers are a great way to get you motivated and for you to stay motivated. With these clever little devices, you can easily track your progress online as they connect via bluetooth or wifi to your PC or a smart phone. You can keep track of your progress in your workout routine, you can monitor calories burned in a workout, or even a day doing general day to day tasks like walking, going up stairs etc. This will tell you almost exactly how many calories you are burning in a day and then you can workout your daily calorie intake with if it fits your macros to lose weight (or gain weight) effectively.

Not only can you monitor and track your progress but you can also compete against other people like friends and family. This is the best thing, you can compete with them to achieve goals, this is great motivation for you and for them.

The above are just a few reasons why fitness trackers are great, for a more detailed insight check out our top five reviews.


Top Five Best Cross Trainers Currently Available In The UK.

ProductNameFeaturesPrice PointRatingVisit

JTX Strider-X7On-board Computer, 16″ Stride, 12.5kg Fly Wheel, 21 Programs, 4 User ProfilesMid-Range Learn More Here!

JTX Hill-StrideOn-board Computer, 18″ Stride, 11.5kg Fly Wheel, 21 Programs, 5 User Profiles, BMI Calculator, Heart Rate ControlMid-Range Learn More Here!

Life Fitness X1On-board Computer, 20″ Stride, 25kg Fly Wheel, 14 Programs, 5 User Profiles, BMI Calculator, Heart Rate Control, iPod/USB SupportHigh-End Learn More Here!

JTX Smart Stride Pro 21On-board Computer, 18-22″ Stride, 18kg Fly Wheel, 14 Programs, 5 User Profiles, BMI Calculator, Heart Rate ControlMid-Range Learn More Here!

V Fit MCCT18 Resistance Levels, Manual Resistance Cross Trainer 4.5kg Fly Wheel,Affordable Learn More Here!


Cross trainers are considered one of the best types of cardio vascular exercises you could do. It can be high intensity or you can set it to a low intensity, either way you would get an effective full body workout.

For people in particular with back, joint and knee problems, the cross trainer is a godsend! The reason is because it is low impact. When you run, whether on a treadmill or outside on the road, it is high impact. As when your feet hit the ground, they are in a state of impact; and this happening on a continuous basis can lead to more problems within your joints.

Cross trainers take this away from the exercise, they are low impact because there is no impact when you are working out on a cross trainer. It is a motion of a circular movement on your feet and your arms are only going back and fourth with the bar. This is one reason I love cross trainers.

The other reason I love cross trainers is the fact that it is a true full body workout. Arguably, some also say running can be a full body exercise because you move your arms backwards and forwards. The difference with a cross trainer is you actually use your arms on the bars as you workout. If your legs were to get tired, the arms could power the cross trainer while your legs “rested”. This is what makes the cross trainer an all-in-all great workout machine.

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Breville Active-BlendGreat for on-the-move quick smoothies! Blitz fruit, veg & ice.Affordable Learn More Here!

NutriBulletPerfect for serious foodies! Blitz fruit, veg nuts, seeds and ice!Mid-Range Learn More Here!

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